21-Point Venice FL Roof Inspection

Our thorough Venice FL roof inspection is suited for ALL Types of Residential and Commercial Roofing Systems

To emphasize the importance of having an annual roof inspection performed on your roof, please refer to our articles: The Hidden Costs of a Roof Leak and The Importance of a Professional Roof Inspection

Avoid undetected leaks and costly roof damage by investing wisely in our 21-point roof inspection. Save yourself potentially thousands of dollars in the future by a preventive roof check-up now, and extend the life of your roof.

Just remember, the cost of an annual Venice FL roof inspection is minimal compared to any undetected roof damage that can turn into costly problems such as roof leaks or roof deterioration.

Our 21-Point Venice FL Roof Inspection Covers:

  1. Checking for any debris on the roof and eaves
  2. Checking gutters and downspouts for leaking seams, improper fasteners and blockages
  3. Inspecting all soffits (loose, damaged, etc.)
  4. Checking the fascia (loose, damaged, etc.)
  5. Inspecting flashings at chimney, walls and more.
  6. Inspecting side wall flashing / step flashing / rake edge flashing
  7. Inspecting all plumbing vent pipes flashings and air vents for damage
  8. Inspecting all gable vents for blockage and torn screens
  9. Checking for signs of water damage at eaves and overhangs
  10. Checking the drip edge (loose, damaged, etc.)
  11. Inspecting condition of skylights and flashings
  12. Checking for soft spots on the roof
  13. Inspecting roof for missing, loose or damaged roofing materials
  14. Inspecting for evidence of wind damage
  15. Inspecting all valleys for cracks, nail punctures and deterioration
  16. Checking for nails or screws that have punctured roofing materials
  17. Inspecting ridge vents for secure fastening and ridge vent ends for proper sealings
  18. Checking roof attachments / satellite dishes / antennas / cables, etc.
  19. Checking for structural roof deformation, drainage and ventilation
  20. Checking for any exterior building damage due to roof leaks
  21. Checking pipe covers and vent screens for possible animal (such as rodents) intrusions

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